Saturday, June 2, 2007


Hi, and welcome to this blog. We plan to use this space for discussion on the How-Tos presented at my site -

The idea behind the site - Saurav's How-Tos, started with friends and acquaintances seeking advice on how to do this, or how to do that. Most of the time I found myself repeating the advice to different people. With this collection of advices gathering, I wondered if sharing this to the whole web community could be of any help.

Now, I know that many of you would say, 'why not? any advice on the web should be welcome'. I went a step ahead and added a small donation required to view the collection. A payment of $0.99 securely through PayPal © ( is all it takes to view all of the how-tos for a day (or a browsing session, whichever closes first).

This service does not offer any guarantees or warranties, express or implied. This is only a personal effort to help fellow web surfers in return for a small payment. The intent of the payment is not to cover the advice or content, but simply to help me pay for the costs to host and maintain the content online.

Post your queries on this blog and I will make my best effort to help respond to it. You could post about anything - a new How-To, further questions on existing How-Tos, payment queries...